The Real Dads Network was created to help strengthen fathers and families. It is our belief that children do better, both developmentally and in attainment of life opportunities, when both parents are actively involved in their parenting, regardless of the marital or living circumstances. It is also our belief that healthy, functional families create stronger communities and a stronger, more resilient society.


We increase the number of fathers connected to their children through:

* Publicly celebrating and recognizing fathers who are actively involved in the parenting of their children.

* Honoring the important role of fathers by encouraging positive images in all forms of media.

* Giving fathers workable strategies to keep them connected to their children.

* Making being a Real Dad® the expectation, rather than the exception.

* Connecting fathers with resources that will improve their parenting skills and self-expectations.

* Involving mothers in the process, keeping the needs of the child foremost.

* Advocating for public policies that have shared parenting as the standard for decision-making.


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RDN Scholarship Fund

Click HERE to contribute to the Real Dads Network Scholarship Fund. Each June, at our annual Real Dads Scholarship and Awards Dinner, we award a scholarship to a deserving minority male who is about to start his college education. Your support will assist potential Real Dads with the financial challenges they face in completing their higher education.

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